Debbie and Roulette in the 1.5mm Jumpers

Check out Debbie and Roulette clearing the jumps in the 1.40mm Jumpers in Ocala, FL this past winter.  They won second place!
note: featured image is from the 1.5 mm jumpers.

Updates from Ocala

Congratulations to Debbie winning 9th on Roulette and 7th and 13th on Zim in the $5000 1.45 meter Saturday Grand Prix, as well as 6th in the Level 3 jumpers with Santiago! More congrats to Chloe Wilkenfeld winning 4th in the Level 4 jumpers with Vivian, as well as consistent top ribbons in Children’s Hunter with Big Boy and their debut in the Hunter Derby!

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Debbie Quoted in Ocala Article

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