HITS Ocala 2016

It’s been a busy fall and winter for Phoenix! With our new location just under 3 miles from the HITS show grounds in Ocala, the Phoenix show string has taken root in the Florida sunshine (and rain), jumping better and higher right from the start.

OCALA Week I & II Results

Head Trainer Debbie McCarthy Connor has been moving two horses along from the 1.20 m to the 1.30 m Jumpers in anticipation of upcoming HITS Ocala Prix. Crespo (owned by McCarthy Horse Ventures) has continued to jump better and better making it to the jump off in both the 1.20 m and 1.30 m levels. EF Eline (owned by Edition Farm) has been double clean every round, winning 8th in the 1.20 m jumpers and making it to the jump off round both days in the 1.30 m jumpers during week 2. Click here to watch their jump off round in the 1.30 m jumpers. 

Matthias Hollberg of Hollberg Equestrian, LLC has been jockey for two Phoenix Horse Farm horses. Working alongside Debbie as her shoulder continues to heal and Thom Hardy, Matt has been riding Cassita 10 (owned by Connor & Ebetino Jumpers) in the 1.20 m and 1.30 m jumpers with double clean rounds. His other ride EF Katniss (owned by Edition Farm) continues to bloom in the 1.20 m gaining confidence and stamina with her lofty jump, winning 8th the first week. Watch Kat’s round in the Grand Prix Stadium. 

Caroline and Diabolo du Domaine Z (owner/ rider) made a quick rise to the 1.30 m jumpers in just 3 days the first week of Ocala. We anticipate Caroline and Diablo’s continued progress in the Amateur Owner Jumpers in the upcoming weeks when she flys down from her full time college commitment at Quinnipiac University. Click here to watch a great ride by Caroline in the 1.30 m Jumpers! 

Taylor and Dreamcatcher (owner/ rider) swept the 0.65 mm jumpers and have earned the top spot as Champion for week 1. They continue their winning streak into week 2 making a name for themselves in Jumper Ring 1. 

Check out our set up at the show…   
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Holiday Horsemanship Camp

12046924_677335132366165_7528838211448226731_nGive the gift of Horsemanship Camp this holiday season!

Join us over your winter break for a Holiday Horsemanship Camp.  Learn about the parts of the horse, how to groom and tack up and simply enjoy making holiday crafts and horse treats this winter.
WHEN: Monday, December 28 – Wednesday, December 30
Please sign up by Sunday, December 18
TIME: 9 am – 1 pm
please inquire about early drop off/ late pick up
WHO: children and teens ages 5 through 15
ACTIVIES: Horseback riding, grooming, tacking and untacking horses, equine related games and crafts. Please bring a snack or lunch Monday and Tuesday; pizza will be provided Wednesday.
ATTIRE: Campers must wear jeans or britches and paddock boots or shoes with a small heel (no sneakers). Hardhats must be worn while riding – we can provide helmets as needed.
Please make sure your child(ren) are dressed warmly.
COST: $375.00 per camper
SIGN UP: Download our Winter Camp Sign Up Sheet and return to Caitlin in the office with a check or cash.



Phoenix Team Attire


Ladies Jack

Looking for the perfect Holiday gift for yourself, your Phoenix rider, or camper? Look no further! We have Phoenix Horse Farm Jackets available for custom order!  Simply download our Phoenix Attire Order Form and scan and email to Caitlin at PhoenixHorseFarmNY@gmail.com or hand deliver to our office. Orders must be placed by Monday, December 1st. Please print legibly. Checks or cash accepted. Make checks payable to Phoenix Horse Farm.

Phoenix attire is available in Navy Blue with White “Phoenix” logo 
and Red jumping horse.  A sample size of each style jacket is available to try on in the office.

Available Styles:

Youth Jacket with logo on back only, logo with rider name on front, or logo with rider and horse name on arm. $89.00-$105.00

Ladies Jacket with logo on back only, logo with rider name on front, or logo with rider and horse name on arm. $102.00-$117.00

Polar Fleece 1/4 zip youth or adult sizes with logo on front left side only, or logo on front left and name on front right. $50.00-$60.00

Also available: Skull Cap one size with logo for $25.00

October Day Shows

Phoenix has been busy supporting our local shows this October.  We’ve had a lot of success taking the skills learned over the summer and applying them to the show ring. Read below for a list of results and some great snapshots from Karen Bulzacchelli.

October 3, 2015 | STEPPING STONE FARM

Samatha, Nicole and Emily with Little Prince, our fan favorite, super star pony!

Our leadline and walk trotters practiced their skills at Stepping Stone Farm in Ridgefield with our fan favorite pony, Little Prince! Congratulations to both girls for their Champion ribbons in their classes.

Emily Delaney won the Walk Trot Pleasure classes and brought home the Champion Ribbon, as well as a few other prizes.  It was her very first show!

Samantha Granger won the heart of the judge with her great horse knowledge and even rode a little bit off-lead to impress him even further. A big CONGRATS and blue ribbons for her as well.

October 9 & 10, 2015 | HUDSON VALLEY SHOW JUMPING @ Crosswinds

Christina and Renee jumping two fast, clear rounds in the crossrail jumpers

Christina and Renee jumping two fast, clear rounds with their horses in the crossrail jumpers

Our jumper riders headed to Crosswinds in LaGrangeville, NY for an indoor jumper show.  The impressive jumps and multiple level classes were perfect for our riders and their horses.  We spent two days jumping fast and clear.

Congratulations to Renee McAndrew and her horse, Bouazizi on their first ever jumper competition together! They were fast and clear in both rounds winning a blue ribbon.

Christina Prescott-Walker and her horse, Ocean also made their debut in the jumper ring, winning a clear round blue ribbon.  We are so proud of both of them doing two speed rounds!

Jessica Gamby and her horse, Kohana “Petunia” won two classes, one in the 2’6″ jumpers and another in the 3″ jumpers.

Taylor Lampert and HH Sandor (owner/ rider) were 2nd in the 3′ jumpers.

Zoe Reinus stepped back into the jumper ring with Ocean (owned by Christina Prescott-Walker) and were 4th in the 2’6″ jumpers.

In addition, Pam Sorkin showed Ocean in the 2′ jumpers and was fast and clean.  It was her first horse show competition ever!

Ellie Waugh brought Santiago (owned by Taylor Lampert) and were 5th and 6th in the 2’6″ jumpers in their very first show together!

October 25, 2015 | OLD SALEM FARM

Debbie took the crew to Old Salem Farm this past Sunday.  Eight horses were loaded into the Connor & Ebetino tractor trailer and taken to the North Salem farm.  Three hunters showed inside, while five jumpers competed outside. Congratulations to all of our great horses and riders:

Denise Ficano and Big Boy (owned by Phoenix) earned a 5th place ribbon with their gorgeous jumping trip in the Modified Adult Hunter and were 8th in the hack.

Emily Cooley and her horse, Golden Opportunity “Trigger” jumped around beautifully indoors and hacked into 4th place.

Nicole Bulzacchelli competed in the Adult Amateur Hunter with her horse, Semper Fidelis “Bentley”.  They were awarded two 7th placings, a 4th and won a long pink ribbon (5th place) in the Marshall & Sterling Adult Hunter Classic.

Isabelle Fischer Garcia and her horse, Corsica NL were fast and clear in both of their rounds in the 2’6″ jumpers.

Taylor Lampert and her cow-pony Dreamcatcher “Dreamer” won their first 2’6″ class and were 4th in the next trip.

Jessica Gamby and her horse, Kohana “Petunia” won two consecutive 3rd placings in the 2’6″ division and were 6th in the 3′ jumpers.

Ellie Waugh and Santiago (owned by Taylor Lampert) were 8th in a 2’6″ class, as well as 8th in a 3′ jumper round.

Caitlin Malloy Brennan and EF Eline (owned by Edition Farm) were 7th and 8th in their two 3′ jumper rounds.





Join us this Sunday, September 20th from 10 am until 2 pm, for a day of Riding and Lesson Demonstrations with Head Trainer Debbie McCarthy Connor.  We will have guided tours, pony rides, information about our lesson program and most of all, FUN, mingling with fellow riders from Phoenix and the Westchester/ Putnam County area.

Jumper Riding Demonstration |  11:00 am
Hunter Riding Demonstration  |  12:00 pm
Lesson Demonstration  |  1:00 pm
Pony Rides  |  11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Guided Tours  |  10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm
Horsemanship & Riding Program Information

Winning at PJA

Great results from PJA this past Labor Day Weekend

Congratulations to:

Spencer Lampert and Debbie McCarthy Connor on Roulette’s WIN in the big classic at PJA this past Sunday! Roulette jumped like a super star – we are so proud! In addition she won 7th in a 1.25 m Jumper class.

Debbie and Crespo (McCarthy Horse Ventures) with their 4th place win in the 1.25 m Jumpers.

Connor & Ebetino Jumpers’s horse Cassita 10 won 3rd, 6th and 7th in the 1.20 m Jumpers.

Samantha Pandolfi Bedard and her horse, Dexter, were 7th, 10th and 10th in the Adult Amateur Jumpers.

Taylor Lampert and HH Sandor (owner/ rider) were 9th in the Adult Amateur Jumpers.  Taylor was also 3rd in Schooling and 6th in Low Schooling Jumpers.

Caitlin Malloy Brennan and EF Eline (Edition Farm) were 8th in the Adult Amateur Jumpers.


Summing Up Saugerties

The Phoenix Team had a great week up at HITS-on-the-Hudson last week.  Every rider won a ribbon and the horses jumped great!  Here is a brief summation of our success at Saugerties Week VII:

Debbie and Roulette soared into 7th in the Level 6/ 1.30 m Jumpers.

Caroline and Diablo (owner/ rider) went around clear, winning 6th in the Low Amateur-Owner Jumpers.

Taylor and Santiago (owner/ rider) sped into 2nd in the Level 1 Jumpers.

Taylor and Sandor (owner/ rider) placed 7th in the High Adult Jumpers.

Samantha and Dexter (owner/ rider) zipped around the jumper ring, placing 3rd and 4th in the High Adult Jumpers.

Jessica and Petunia (owner/ rider) won 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the Level 0 Jumpers, and 2nd and 5th in the Level 1 Jumpers. On Sunday they competed in the Saugerties Children’s Hunters, winning 2nd and 7th over fences.

Caitlin and EF Eline (Edition Farm) placed 3rd, 4th and 6th in the High Adult Jumpers.

Thank you to Debbie for her great coaching and thank you to Sal Pandolfi for these great action shots!