HITS Ocala 2016

It’s been a busy fall and winter for Phoenix! With our new location just under 3 miles from the HITS show grounds in Ocala, the Phoenix show string has taken root in the Florida sunshine (and rain), jumping better and higher right from the start.

OCALA Week I & II Results

Head Trainer Debbie McCarthy Connor has been moving two horses along from the 1.20 m to the 1.30 m Jumpers in anticipation of upcoming HITS Ocala Prix. Crespo (owned by McCarthy Horse Ventures) has continued to jump better and better making it to the jump off in both the 1.20 m and 1.30 m levels. EF Eline (owned by Edition Farm) has been double clean every round, winning 8th in the 1.20 m jumpers and making it to the jump off round both days in the 1.30 m jumpers during week 2. Click here to watch their jump off round in the 1.30 m jumpers. 

Matthias Hollberg of Hollberg Equestrian, LLC has been jockey for two Phoenix Horse Farm horses. Working alongside Debbie as her shoulder continues to heal and Thom Hardy, Matt has been riding Cassita 10 (owned by Connor & Ebetino Jumpers) in the 1.20 m and 1.30 m jumpers with double clean rounds. His other ride EF Katniss (owned by Edition Farm) continues to bloom in the 1.20 m gaining confidence and stamina with her lofty jump, winning 8th the first week. Watch Kat’s round in the Grand Prix Stadium. 

Caroline and Diabolo du Domaine Z (owner/ rider) made a quick rise to the 1.30 m jumpers in just 3 days the first week of Ocala. We anticipate Caroline and Diablo’s continued progress in the Amateur Owner Jumpers in the upcoming weeks when she flys down from her full time college commitment at Quinnipiac University. Click here to watch a great ride by Caroline in the 1.30 m Jumpers! 

Taylor and Dreamcatcher (owner/ rider) swept the 0.65 mm jumpers and have earned the top spot as Champion for week 1. They continue their winning streak into week 2 making a name for themselves in Jumper Ring 1. 

Check out our set up at the show…   
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