Learning How to Leadline

On Saturday, August 15, three of our CAMP Phoenix riders, Kennedy, Taylor and Samantha, dressed up in their tan britches, white collared show shirts and matching braids and bows for a very special Leadline class.  The leadline class simulated a rated horse show format.  There were three separate classes judged individually by our Assistant Trainer, Sue Paganelli.  Each competitor was judged on their riding ability, as well as their knowledge of horsemanship and equipment.  Sue asked them to demonstrate their jumping position, steering on a circle and serpentine, and walking over poles.  At the end of each section she quizzed them on Horsemanship Trivia, such as “What color is your horse?” or “Can you show me where the mane is on your horse?”

Each of our CAMP Phoenix students were great and received blue ribbons and peppermints for their ponies.  We are so proud of all of them and their hard work at the barn!

Thank you to Sue, Nicole, Zoe and Caitlin for organizing the class.  Thank you to Karen Bulzacchelli for taking photos.  Click here for more shots from the show!

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