Clean at Culpeper


IMG_2544HITS Culpeper has been a great success!  Many horses have moved up, riders have had great results on new horses, and horses with varying degrees of time off are soaring to new heights in the Grand Prix arena.  Every horse had at least one clean round and a ribbon this week!  Here are the results thus far:

Roulette (Spencer Lampert) and Debbie McCarthy – 3rd in the $15,000 Brook Ledge Open Jumper Prix and 8th in the $5,000 Open Jumper Welcome.  We are so pleased to see the leading team of the show string back in action.

Zim (Connor & Ebetino Jumpers) showed by Debbie McCarthy – 6th in the $2,500 1.40 mm Open Speed Jumpers, as well as 2nd and 6th in the $1,000 Level 6 Jumpers (1.30 mm).  We are loving the consistent progression of this horse’s scope and willingness to jump higher and higher!

Cassita 10 (Connor & Ebetino Jumpers and Phoenix) showed by Debbie McCarthy – Reserve Champion in the $500 Level 5 Jumpers (1.20 mm) winning 2nd, 3rd and 5th throughout the week.  We are so excited to see this horse prevail and move up levels!

Crespo (McCarthy Horse Ventures) showed by Debbie McCarthy –  3rd and 4th in the $500 Level 5 Jumpers (1.20 mm).  “The Tank”, one of the younger horses on Debbie’s string, continues to WOW us with his speed and willingness to jump.

EF Katniss (Edition Farm) showed by Debbie McCarthy –  4th in the Level 4 Jumpers (1.15 mm).  Another young horse continues to gain positive ring time down here at HITS Culpeper.

Corsica NL (The Garcia Family) showed by Debbie McCarthy – 5th in the Level 2 Jumpers.  We can’t wait for Isabelle and the rest of the Garcia family to come join us down in VA!

Diabolo du Domaine Z owned and showed by Caroline Carpenter were 3rd in the $500 Low Jr/Amateur Owner Jumper (1.30 mm), 10th in their $5,000 NAL Classic and 6th in the $500 Level 5 Jumper (1,20 mm).  A great consistent ride in the Grand Prix Arena producing great results!

EF Eline (Edition Farm) showed by Caitlin Malloy Brennan – 5th in the $2,000 M&S/ NAL Adult Jumper Classic, as well as 2nd in the Level 3 (1.10 mm) and 3rd in a High Adult Jumper (1.10 mm) class.
Santiago owned and showed by Taylor Lampert won 3rd in the Level 2 Jumpers in the Grand Prix Arena.  She was also 7th in the same class with a horse on trial.  We are looking forward to watching Taylor challenge herself with organizing her own string of jumpers! 

Fila (Taylor Lampert) showed by Debbie McCarthy won 1st, and three 4ths over fences, as well as 2nd under saddle in the 3’3” Pre-Green Division.  In addition he learned how to go around the hunter derby ring in a torrential rain downpour, scoring 70 points in the first round.  We are so proud of our 5 year old super hunter!

Fiona (Martin Hall) showed by Caroline Carpenter – 2nd, 6th, 7th and 8th over fences and 6th on the flat in the 3’ Pre-green Hunter – great results from this new horse and rider combination!

Showtimes Sunday (Debbie McCarthy) and Debbie McCarthy – 2nd and two 4ths over fences in the 3’ Thoroughbred Hunter Division and only his third time showing this year!


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